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ArtCamp 2019

Summer holidays in the atmosphere of magic

ArtCamp 2019

Summer holidays in the atmosphere of magic
We invite you to the magical fairy tale full of creativity, peace and harmony.
Once upon a time…
A group of incredibly talented and free-spirited artists escaped into the woods…to paint nature, people and harmony…

And one day they opened their studio's doors and let everyone, who was dreaming to touch the world of art and colours, in.

Some years later the artists created a magical «forest» studio Art Camp, where they help everyone who wants to become an artist to take a step to becoming one. And, surely, you can just come there to have some good rest. Peace, serenity and joy of life that are prevailing there are hard to find nowadays.

Coming from abroad, you will experience Russia in a truly fantastic way, very non-touristic and special. We will be glad to assist you with visas and logistics. We are friendly, open-minded. English translation for all the activities at the Art Camp is provided, and most of our participants speak some English, so you won't feel lonely.

Art Camp can be reached by a night train ride. We assist our foreign participants on the way.

Just imagine: on the bank of a totally beautiful forest lake there are small wooden houses, on the traces cutting through high grass and flowers there are easels. Birds are singing in the trees and wonderful people are making wonderful paintings!

What do we do?

We paint
At the Art Camp we dive into creative process. Even if you never tried your hand at drawing - you will succeed! Our magicians, professional artists, are in charge of that.All you need is a good tutor in the right place in the right time.
We dance
We have a pure lake, private beach and a lot of space for wonderful music and dance. We dance, sun bathe and swim
We sing
A lot and with great pleasure: alone and together with others. We have a wonderful gazebo where you can sing or just sit and listen to beautiful songs.
If you want:
№1 To make your life more creative and finally start to draw and paint
You will learn:

⁃ basics in drawing, painting and composition

⁃ working with line and spot

⁃ live sketching

⁃ basics of perspective

⁃ etudes (en plein air)

You will be able to:

find your style in drawing

get access to the masterpieces of world art heritage
№2 ⁃ To spend quality time among artists and people from all over the world, to make new friends
Within the years of Art Camp's work, it has become a point of attraction for creative people from different professional fields and geographical locations.

In the past years as a part of the Art Camp we had mutual performances of Angel Ontalva, famous free jazz guitarist from Spain, and PosleSlov physical Theatre; shooting of a series of video works; lectures on philosophy, sociology, art and many other fabulous events right «en plein air».

№3 To experience Russia in a very special way
All the foreign participants of the Art Camp told us that the times spent there, in Russian woods, were one of the most remarkable and unforgettable experiences of their lives. We take care of every student at the Art Camp and do our best for you to leave the Art Camp with new friends, wonderful memories and a pile of your own drawings and paintings!

Art Camp is location in eco-pure region.


Art Camp I
June, 19-23 (5 days)

Art Camp II
July, 19-28 (10 days)


Art Camp is located 400 km away from Moscow and can be reached by train (directly to the station or via Nizhniy Novgorod). Private and secure territory.


Art Camp welcomes all ages, but we ask those under 18 to come with their parents or a person responsible


You will be accommodated in Summer wooden houses, one room for 2 people. The number of rooms is limited.
"Here lives some incredible atmosphere that makes magic to everyone. It's very enjoyable to be inside here, with this forest around, air and wind; with this people who are on the same wave. Thanks to everything that creates this feeling!"
Alexandra (Nizhny Novgorod)
"Last time I've drawn was 15 years ago. My art teacher was desperate by my lack of skills, and my not paying attention to details.

I came here to see what people were doing, out of curiosity.
And the quality of teaching and the inspiration you get from looking of others, and their works, really amazed me.
They told me I could draw. Maybe.
For sure, it was greatly thanks to them. Spasibo.
Christian (Norway)
creative journey to Russia
"I liked everything very-very much! Especially this wholistic atmosphere of creativity, joy and inspiration. I liked it that despite my main goal of coming here was to draw and paint, the art opens up in all its forms here: songs, poetry, novels, intellectual conversations...And nature and weather are simply fantastic!!!"
Kate (Saratov)
When registering in advance and making a pre-payment before May 22 you get 10% discount
5 days of creative holidays
25000 RUB
(approximately 345 EUR)

July, 19-28
10 days of creative holidays
50000 RUB
(approximately 690 EUR)

You can come to the Art Camp for the whole term or for several days. We've developed a big range of discounts, please, ask us for the details. Special discounts for students and seniors!

*for more details please call: +7 (495) 745 11 25
or write: tm.studiya@gmail.com

What is included in the cost?
⁃ accommodation in wooden houses (room for 2)

⁃ 3 daily hot meals in the canteen

⁃ all the workshops

⁃ materials needed for drawing

⁃ personal recommendations by the tutors

⁃ progressing growth and development - from a simple line to oil etudes

⁃ singing classes

⁃ large collection of illustrative materials and art books

⁃ beautiful pure lake

⁃ wind in pines and wild strawberries under your feet

⁃ transfer to and from the railway station on the first and the last day of Art Camp

How you can get to us:

Please register now by filling the form below
or call +7 (495) 745 11 25

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